Thursday, September 30, 2010

Balance in Life!

I had shot this video some time back at my sister's place and thinking of sharing it here, but somehow i didn't do that. Finally it is here, which depicts the perfect balance required to complete this job. Of course, there are so many occupations/jobs involving so much of risk in life, but for them its a bread and butter for livelihood and a daily routine, nothing new. One such job is Extracting the Palm Juice.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rain through My Window

Its been raining heavily in bangalore for the past 2 days, which brought back the cool, chilling bangalore own climate and joy in the lives of the people, otherwise it was damn hot for few days before this. I tried to capture that beautiful sound and night view of the rain through my window jus now and here's it for you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Coorg for a Trip!

During the recent long weekend, we made a trip to Coorg, The Scotland of India for 3 days. Here are the pics along with brief information of the places we have covered these 3 days.

On Day1:

We set out of Mysore for Coorg, on the way, we had a decent breakfast at Cafe Coorg and hit the place called Bylakuppe, just few kilometres before Kushalnagar, where these Buddhist Monasteries are located. More info at Wiki

Bylakuppe Golden Temple:
Entrance to The Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Lord Buddha along with Guru Padma Sambhava and Budha Amitayus

Signage describing the idols.
This temple has a very big and wide hall filled with silence and the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings of 25 disciples of Buddha who attained high realizations through the practice of the Dzogchen Teachings, along with the paintings depicting the life story of Lord Buddha and 12 teachers of Dzogchen. We spent considerable time in the premises and inside the temple.Since this is very well known, it'll be crowded generally, but there's one more temple just few kilometres away from this temple, nobody was there, may be due to heavy Honey Bee Hives in the premises. But it was worth visiting this temple amidst the honey bees flying around.

Then we hit the Harangi Reservoir which is roughly 9kms away from Kushalnagar. Though  the police didn't allow us to the top of the reservoir due to some riots related to Kaveri water issues, it was scenic as the water is flowing from the gates as the waves hit them.

Forgot to mention, on the way to this dam, i have a spotted a  beautiful flower garden just infront of a small house with tiny Ganesha idol in the middle of it. They have as many as 30+ different variety of flowers. Have taken some of my best flower shots there. Thanks to the lil kid and his family for helping me with my shoot :)

Then we broke for lunch as we enter madikeri at Orange Lagoon, food was okay but the ambience is good in the middle of garden and a stream near by.  After the moderate lunch we went to Nisargadhama, which is around 2 kms from this hotel. 

We spent about an hour in exploring this beautiful island formed by river Kevri. This has elephant ride and deer park in it. More info at Wiki.After this we directly went to Dubare Elephant camp, where the elephants were trained for Mysore Dassera festival and more Info There's a white water rafting which covers about 7kms in Kaveri waters for about 90 minutes.

I think i should break here and will come back with a diff post covering day2 and day3 places! Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend Trip to Jog Falls! - Day2

We have started the day2 lilttle early to spend the good amount of time in beach, taking bath and capturing some good pics. You can have a look at few of my best beach shots in my previous posts here and there.

After spending around 2-3 hours in the beach, we got ready and had darshan of the main deity in Murudeshwer.

Then we headed towards Kollur which is around 80+ for Mukambika temple view and darshan.

As we are not aware of the temple/darshan timings, on the way we had some ok-ok lunch and reached Kollur around 2pm which is exactly the closing time for darshans in the temple and it will be re-opened for darshan after 3. We had to kill this time somehow, our driver showed us a place near to the temple may be 300mts away, there's a beautiful stream flowing through rocks and some landscapes.We have spent this good one hour here and njoyed little drizzling as well.

Once the temple is re-opened we had darshan, more info about this temple can be found in Wiki

After this we were in lil dilemma whether to cover agumbe and go to Davangere to catch our train or direct to Davangere. But since we had enough time, we thought of covering Agumbe as much as we can. This is again around 90+kms journey. By the time we reached Agumbe around 5 in the evening, agumbe is already in dark due to heavy fog  and drizzling. So couldn't cover much there except some distant view to the falls and Sunset point when the sun is not visible at all :).

On the way back we had to do little adventure catching a train and bribing the TT for seats as we missed our train!!

P.S: Day1 post can be seen here