Saturday, March 27, 2021

Kawal Tiger Reserve and Kaleshwaram

Unplanned road trips would always be fun and becomes great memories. Such unplanned and quick trip was to spend some serene, personal time at Kawal Tiger/Wildlife Reserve/Sanctuary. Initially thought of just covering Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary for couple of days by just going around such as Kadam Reservoir and Forest Safari, but last minute addition to this, just before the return journey was Kaleshwaram project and Temple. 

Started from Nizamabad after a decent breakfast, Hit NH44/NH7 after Armoor and exit it near Nirmal, to take deviation towards Nirmal-Mancherial road until Jannaram. From Jannaram to Mancherial to Annaram Barrage. From there to Kaleshwaram Temple. All the roads are superb in condition and through dense Teak forests, forest got its Spring beauty. Stay was booked at Haritha Resorts, Jannaram.

Forest Drive

Haritha Resorts is a good place with lot of open spaces and garden, with cottages spread across. Decent facilities for family stay. One can cover Kadam Reservoir on the way to Jannaram or another evening/morning time just to enjoy the forest drive again. Forest safari would be decent, but don't expect much like encountering tigers..etc.

Kadam Reservoir

Annanram Barrage - Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Krishna Backwaters - Somasila, Telangana

Recently i i drove to Somasila, Telangana from Bangalore for a holiday, decided to this place after i read the news of renovation of facilities like new cottages being built and launching of a boat service to Srisailam by Telangana Tourism,Boat rie to Srisailam would leave good experiences of great views of river Krishna river path in the middle of high hills of Nallamala, very similar to Papikondalu on Godavari river. This is a beautiful and upcoming tourist attraction in Telangana, it has great views of Krishna river back waters from cottages itself, turns and twists along with great views of Nallamala forest and hills.

Connectivity wise, this place is well connected to both Hyderabad (Either via Srisailam highway or Bangalore highway), Bangalore (AH43/NH7) with great roads and proper signages.

My drive was from Bangalore - Beechupally Hanuman temple - Pebbair (Just after Kurnool on AH43/NH7) - Jetprole - Somasila (

From Somasile to Hyderbad was Somasila - Singotam - Kalwakurthy - Hyderabad (

Had booked cottage at TSTDC (, please choose new cottages option while bookin room, which offers good river views from rooms. As of now, there's no restaurant available yet, but you have many shops right infront of the facility, who'll cook both veg and non-veg delicious food and deliver to the rooms, believe me food was very good.

There are various types of motor boat options to just cover backwaters and recently launched double decker boat option to cover Somasila - Srisailam strech. Some of the nearest attractions to Somasila apart from Someshwara temple are, Jetprole group of temples and Madana Gopalaswamy temple (around 17 km away from Somasila) and Singotam Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple (Here main diety is in the form of Lingam (shivalinga), very unique)

This makes a very good weekend gateway and one can include Alampur Jogulamba temple (one of the Shakti Peetham) as well along with these places for one more day.

Overall it was awesome experience and best place for 1-2 days trip both from Hyderabad and Bangalore and below pictures would talk more


Boat for Srisailam trip

Views from cottage rooms

Someshwara Temple

Carvings on Temple ceiling:

One of the Best sunset

Best SunRise!

More pics at Instagram

Sunday, August 5, 2018


తెలవారితె కనురెప్పల తొలి మెలకువ నువ్వే ..

నా గుప్పెడు గుండెల్లో చిరుచప్పుడు నువ్వే ..

పొలమారితె నీ మనసుకి అది నా పొరపాటే ..

నీ పేరే పలకడమే పెదవులకలవాటే..

వెన్నెలలా ఉంటుందే నీ పక్కన చోటే ..

వేకువలా చూస్తుందే నువు నడిచిన బాటే..

ప్రాణాలే తీస్తుందే నీ ఊహలతోటే .. 

నా మనసే నీదయ్యే వినదే నా మాటే..

ఎవరే..ఎవరే..ప్రేమను మాయంది ..

ఎవరే ఈ హాయికి హృదయం చాలంది ....

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018


                             Happy Bhogi!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

తెలుగు సాహితీ విశ్వంభరుడు సినారె!! RIP Dr.సినారె

పుట్టితిని తెలంగాణ నట్టనడిగడ్డపై... 
మేడిపట్టిన రైతు మేటి వంగడమందు 
మెట్టితిని క్రొందెనేపట్టుల తలపించు తెలుగు 
పలుకుల కవీంద్రుల సుసాంగత్యమందు 
చిన్ననాటి నుంచి వ్రాసినదేదో వ్రాసితిని 
పలుకుగల్గినదెల్ల పాటగా మలిచితిని’.. సినారె!!