Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Papi Kondalu Trip

Wow!! what a trip it was...really fabulous..thrilled to see that greenery around the river
and kicking blue color hills while sun sets....
We started from Rajahmundry gattu around 7:30 am in the morning to Pattiseema,
where the boating starts in River Godavari.It was around 9 am when we reached Pattiseema..
uhhh it took around 1-1:30 hrs for 30 kms...
Boating people welcomed us and abord the boat,then they served breakfast and cup of Coffee.
We were so excited to start the boating..finally announcement came...we are moving slowly towards Papi Kondalu..forgot to mention,at the starting point itself there's a big temple on the other bank of Godavari..we didn cover it as we are already late as usual :-(..

On the way Mr Nagaraj (famous and upcoming choreographer) was narrating the places and the movies..songs etc shot at that place...we saw the famous Polavarm reservoir works got to know more about it effects...then a temple in the middle of the Godavari where "Naa Gontu Shrutilona.." (movie: Janaki Ramudu ) was shot and more places of Apadbhandavudu,okka mogaadu,Sri Ramadasu...etc.

After hour or so long of Journey there's a beautiful small temple of Goddess Durga..there every boat halts and everybody will get a chance to have the Darshan..then starts the exciting journey in Godavari.Of course it will puzzle you to find from which side (either left or from right) the river is coming..it looks like river is towards left,but actually it on your right side,it takes couple of U turns in between the hills.

I read about "Podu Vyavasayam" in social textbooks in my child hood,but now am able to see and fell of it.All the people living their in that forests neither have electricity nor even the transportation.River Godavari is the only means of their transportation...I was amzed to see that small kids were able to cross the river using their boats..

After around 6 hours of Journey time has come to see the Beautiful Papi Kondalu..Nagaraj asked all the passengers to guess how far are they..we're thinking that they were 1/2-1 km away but

when he told that they are 3 kms away we didn believe...but it is...they are around 3000 feets high and hills are like walls, no ups and no downs....

Near Rajahmundry..Godavari width was 4 kms..but when it come to near to Papi Kondalu..it was just 200 feets and depth is around 300 feets..see the magic there.....
Finally we reached the Papi Kondalu,wow God is Great to create such Heaven on the earth!!

I think one shud visit and have feel of Heaven on Earth!

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