Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hexadectylism- am i?

Today i came to know i am a Hexadectylism/Polydactyly beacuse of the extra thumb, i have to my left hand.From the wiki i got to know the meedical reasons for it, also saw some biggy names who were/are having the extra fingers.

One well known personality is Hrithik, my thumb and his thumb are look a like but only difference is he has it on his right hand,whereas i have it on left..will that make the diff???

KemmanGundi - Crazy Trek

Kalahatti Falls - Our great trek starting point.
Motto: To Find out the source of this falls,somebody told us that nobody knows the source of these falls,damn it...

we had to trek almost 25 kms in this dense forest without food and water.Only thing we had was some forest lemons,we thought they were lemons..but we later discovered them as oranges....

We 4(Crazy guys along with Cab Driver),indeed he was very much helpful to us bcoz of his fluency in all the 4 south indian languages along with Hindi! There we no other Human being apart from us 4.

We are lost in the jungle for almost 6 hours roaming through the all the paths that are visible and available to reach the falls.Later we came to know that this forest is so called "Badra Tiger Reserve",though we didn encounter any,noteven the cat ;-).
At around 3:45 or so we found some group of houses (Santaveri village) sorrounded with electric fense,had to yell out for help and survival.God is great,one of the houses has responded and we had some water and guidance after almost 6 hours of journey.
Now we have to search for the food,which we recognise after seeing the houses and people there,in that small village we could manage it with Rice and Sambar,it was like Chicken Biryani and Makhan Paneer for us at that moment.Though we lost the energy but we didn loose our motto,so asked for the help to reach the source of the falls.There comes the god in the form of "Tukalan",who knows almost the entire forest.

After a short break,we started off towards the source of the falls ,which is almost 6kms from this village in the joungle again.Atlast after about 1:30hr trek we reached our destination to the very first fall.We don the boundaries for our joy and achivement there.But due to Heavy fog and rain we couldn't continue our trek towards the source.So thought we have indeed achieved enough and its already 6 in the evening so had to return to Santaveri.
So all in all we have (or able to) trek around 25 kms in the tiger reserve.
To Kalahatti Falls: From Lingadahalli you can catch an auto for this,which is around 10kms.
To Santaveri: Catch a bus at Lingadahalli.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

సీతాకోక చిలుక

అలలు కలలు ఎగసి ఎగసి అలసి సొలసి పోయే ,
పగలు రేయి, ఒరిసీ మెరిసే సంధ్యా రాగంలో,
ప్రాణం ప్రాణం, కలిసీ విరిసే జీవన రాగంలో .

అలలు కలలు ఎగసి ఎగసి అలసి సొలసి పోయే,
వీచే గాలి, నాలో జాలి తెలిసేనా నీకు,
మనసు మనసు మనువై పోయే, గురుతేనా నీకు!
గడియె యుగమై, బ్రతుకే సగమై గడిచేనిన్నాల్లు!!
వలపే వగపై, తానే వరదై కురిసే కన్నీళ్లు !!!