Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Trip to Jog Falls! - Day1

Recently we made a trip to Jog Falls covering Ikkeri, Sigandhur, Murudeshwer, Kollur and Agumbe for 2the weekend. These places are located in Shiva Mogga (Shimoga) and North Karnataka (Uttar Kannada) Districts of Karnataka.


Landed in Sagara after a hectic travel from Bangalore, which is the nearest town to Jog Falls, Ikkeri and Sigandhur.After having a good breakfast, we started our journey to cover these 3 places on Day1. About 2-3 kms from Sagara, you can find this "Agoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri". More details of this temple can be found here in Wiki

Agoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri
Nandi Temple
After this, we set out to Sigandhur, which is around 40+ kms from Ikkeri, on the way, you need to cross the River Sharavathi in Ferri for about a KM to reach this beautiful Chowdeshweri Temple.This Ferri journey is really awesome crossing tiny islands in the river which are very scenic in these monsoons.

After crossing the river, you can either continue you journey on your vehicles,or there are buses to take you to the temple. More info about this Temple

After this, we had to come all the way back to Sagara, for having lunch then we headed to Jog Falls which is around 15kms from Sagara. One scenic thing about these falls is Fog and rains play with the view of the fall making it disappear and reappear every few minutes.

Jog Falls
AFAIK, Sagara is the only town where you can get some good places/lodges to stay, apart from Jog falls.

After spending about 2-3 hours, we rushed to Murudeshwer to end the day in a luxury room at RNS Residency..

Murudeshwer temple View from the Beach

On Day2 we have covered, Murudeshwer beach, temple, Kollur and Agumbe. Details will posted in a separate blog post :) ..stay tuned!

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Arun said...

I love that small island with a small bunch of trees huddled on the top. 60 years ago, those trees would have been part of a thick forest at the edge of the river. Now they are the lucky few who escaped the raising waters after the dam was built.