Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Double Century 200*!!!


I have seen God running for the First Double Century ever made in the History of One Day Cricket!!
Jai Ho!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love My India!!

Came across this Photo Collage while going through fellow bloggers blogs, aptly Titled "Billion Shades Of India" by Bhanu Sharma can be found here Billion Shades Of India.

Truely it depicts uncountable shades of India!! Jai Ho!

Sleeping Cats!

Sleepy ;-)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ORRCA 10k Run!!!

I am not a sprinter, not even dare to go to gym for basic warm-up,because i dont want to getup early in the mornings (7am is like a very early morning for me), but some how when i see the mail for the participation, i thought i'll give a try for this event.

Btw ORRCA stands for Outer Ring Road Companies Association, was conducting 10k run for bringing awareness for Pollution and Jam free Bangalore.

We had to wakeup early morning 6:30am and get freshenup and reach the venue by 7:30am.God, it was foggy all the way the old airport road till Marthahally and once you cross the marthahally bridge and shops around there, outer ring road was even more foggy and my hands were freezing on the way, but somehow didn't loose the chance to participate such event.

There are 2 events in this programme, one is 10k run and another being the 5k run.Since i had no experience in sprinting not even any experience of that sort.My plan was to participate in 5k run and complete it atleast by walking all the way with in an hour,coz that was the deadline for 10k run.But to my surprise i have finished it in 25-30 mins,didnt note the exact time but it was less than 30 mins for sure.Thats a good timing i guess ;-).This is a kind of achievement for me,which will boost to participate in such events in future.